System Filtro

used to treat the fine screenings

sewage plant

A screw conveyor is used
to pass the screenings
from the rake directly to the
Hybag “Filtro” System

separating hammer crusher

The patented separating hammer crusher tried and
tested for a long time disintegrates the foreign
substances and separates them from the organic
substances (substrate)


The substrate passes through a screen,
is collected in a surge tank,
and is then returned to the fermentation processes
by means of the integrated conveyor system

Biogas plant

The volume of the screenings reduced
by up to 90 per cent and the additional organic
matter for fermentation result in reduced
incineration costs and additional gas output

In our area of the world, waste water treatment is excellently ensured by closed sewer systems and technically well-equipped treatment plants. The cleaning process starts with removing foreign matter from the waste water. The foreign matter gets caught in the rakes. These so-called screenings consist primarily of organic substances, such as toilet paper, faeces, left-over foodstuff, and substances which do not belong into the sewer system in actual fact, such as diapers. The screenings are hygienically problematic waste which is incinerated as a rule. The Hybag “Filtro” System increases the productivity of this cleaning process considerably.

  • Less incineration costs ensured by volume reduction of the screenings to 10 per cent
  • 90 per cent of the screenings is fermented
  • Less CO2 emissions


The state-of-the-art machine technology proven time and again is easy to service, and requires no additional operating staff. In Western Europe, 7.5 kilograms of screenings per inhabitant and year are removed from the domestic waste water on statistical average. The Hybag “Filtro” System is sensible not only for ecological reasons. The plant is a worthwhile investment from economic considerations as well.

Nothing is changed at the conventional outlet system for collecting screenings. Instead of the screenings press used to press the screenings, the separating hammer crusher Hybag “Filtro” System is employed. Experience has shown that as a standard replacement and installation is the rule, and in rare cases only small technical modifications are required. Less incineration costs and higher gas output with “a few flicks of the wrist”.

Hybag: Pioneering in engineering and mechanical engineering when it comes to processing organic waste into biomass.

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