System Casa

Processing of small amounts in compostable bio waste bags

Small amounts of bio waste

Tailor-made collection systems...

Suitable for kitchen waste

… market waste

… tubes and tins

… packed foodstuff

It is a special challenge to collect small and very small amounts in urban centres. The disposal of organic waste in household refuse is no longer an adequate way of handling resources which can be further utilised. Bio waste bags are ideal for smaller restaurants and private households.
By using Hybag Casa System bio waste can be disposed of in an easy way.

Suitable as collection points in communities, shopping centres and at major distributors in the catering field.
• Closed collection system
• Hygienic collection concept
• Raw material for biogas plants


Highly modern machine engineering causes the bio waste bags to burst, and the content is pressed out automatically. In the process the packaging materials are shaped into a flat round compact, and is separately ejected and collected for incineration in refuse incineration plants by the unpacking press. The bio mass is intermediately stored in an integrated 15 cum bio tank completely without emission until drawn off. “Many small amounts produce a lot of current as well.”

The highly modern machines used for the Hybag Casa System are designed as modules and can be employed correspondingly variable. The bio waste bags can be processed by individual or mass handling, depending on use as collection point for private households or for professional disposers of organic waste.

Hybag: Pioneering in engineering and in mechanical engineering for processing organic waste in bio mass.

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